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Zuka Biography

Based in Northern New Jersey, Zuka originally began in 1994 with founding member Anthony Suriano writing and recording demo material that would eventually become their first release "Supplemental Restraints". By the middle of 1995, Zuka found themselves ready to sign a 3 record artist development deal with the ASi Music Group.

The groundwork for their first record commenced in the early days of 1996, as the band entered the studio with engineer Brian Fitzgerald. Nearly a full year in the making, "Supplemental Restraints" was released regionally on April 30, 1997 and has successfully sold hundreds of copies while hitting the airwaves of over 20 college stations in the tri-state area, with numerous spins at commercial radio on such stations as WZZO, WDHA, and WHTG.

In the years that have followed, Zuka has been steadily building a solid foundation for which they can ultimately achieve their musical goals. With their intelligent song writing and captivating live shows, they have begun to build a dedicated fan base.  In addition to being awarded many premier performances at music festivals, National openers, and radio sponsored events.

Best known for their impressive vocal ability and heavy guitar instrumentations, Zuka’s members are Anthony Suriano (lead vocals/acoustic and electric guitar), James Slick (lead guitar/backing vocals), Dawn Wilson (backing vocals),Scott Stark (bass), Karen Stark ( Keyboards) and Charlie Zeleny on drums. 

With the overall success of "Supplemental Restraints" and many set backs behind them, Anthony began to write new material in 99' for the next record when he met James Slick, where an immediate bond quickly moved him into the band which led to the collaboration of many new songs for the upcoming record. During this period, pro drummer MJ Law of Solution a.d. (Atlantic Records), joined forces with Zuka to prepare and record the new record as a group effort with engineers Brian Fitzgerald, Doc Nagle, Anthony Suriano and Jim Slick as well. The entire process from start to finish was over 14 months where the band attempted to create a masterpiece from the songs themselves through the recording process down to the details of the art design that would succeed and surpass their first effort and stand the test of time.

 "From here to Where?" was finally released in July of 2000. The CD was spun quickly throughout the East Coast in early September on over 50 college & commercial radio stations on a campaign with the help of radio promoter Joe Sweeney & Onewing Promotions, while selling hundreds and hundreds of copies throughout the region and overseas in Europe and Japan.

Currently, the band has experienced solid new additions and will continue to perform throughout NJ, NY and Eastern PA to promote the record in various situations to include high energy original shows and hosting entire evenings while mixing in carefully blended modern and classic Rock covers. Watch for new Zuka songs coming in the future!

For more information on Zuka, please contact ASi Music:
(973) 579-5027