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Zuka Discography
This page is currently under development. It's almost done!

2000 / ASi Music

From Here to Where

Zuka's second ASi Recording, "From Here to Where" was released in July of 2000. It has enjoyed hundreds of spins on over 60 radio stations along the East Coast and has sold hundreds and hundreds of copies with sales in far to reach places as the UK, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands.

Only $10.99 directly from ASi
Song Title Lo-Fi WMA Hi-Fi WMA MP3
1. Can't Have Me Now chmn_lo.wma chmenow_hi.wma chmenow.mp3
2. ISO.U iso.wma iso_hi.wma iso.mp3
3. Unity unity.wma unity_hi.wma unity.mp3
4. Forever Yours forever.wma forever_hi.wma forever.mp3
5. Rub 1 Out rub1out.wma rub1out_hi.wma rub1out.mp3
6. Seasons seasons.wma seasons_hi.wma seasons.mp3
7. The Way theway.wma theway_hi.wma theway.mp3
8. Holdin' On holdin_on.wma holdin_on_hi.wma holdin_on.mp3
9. Persian Kitty persiankitty.wma persiankitty_hi.wma persiankitty.mp3
10. The Passing passing.wma passing_hi.wma passing.mp3


"An excellent composition from start to finish! "From Here to Where" is full of insightful lyrics and creative sounds, spiced up with a few well-placed instrumentals. Some recognition for this band would go a long way."
Daina Kazmaier - Music Dish

"This new album features some great melodic Rock tunes! A fine release from Zuka, an underrated band from the AOR state of New Jersey." "8 out of10"
Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutter Zine, The Netherlands

"Great Job!", "I'm really happy to hear some lead guitar work again"
Ted Jensen - Sterling Sound, NYC

"A Band that can play and sing! Zuka has twisted classic sounding Rock into a sound all their own. Ripping Guitar driven Rock with Vocals that are alive, melodic and flawless as the music twists through radio hits and pure driving music!
It's great to see a band that loves what they do. Rock On!"
Pam West - Renegade News Letter, Lansing, Michigan.

"Zuka brings to mind the classic sounds of Kansas and a less intensive version of Rush in a blistering version of of 80's Rock meets modern Rock with melodic and catchy hooks. The songs are complex, sharp & crisp and the production is clear and multi-layered. Fans of guitar Rock will love this disc. The crunchy Guitar hooks and vocal interplay are very impressive, as are the songs themselves....Musically, lyrically, conceptually, this disc is right on target. From Here to Where? Well, right here if the truth be told!
Musichead Magazine, Stroudsburg, PA

1996 / ASi Music

Supplemental Restraints

Zuka's debut ASi release "Supplemental Restraints" was released in April of 1996.

Only $9.99 directly from ASi

Song Title Lo-Fi WMA Hi-Fi WMA MP3
1. Shorebound Shorebound.wma Shorebnd_hi.wma Shorebnd.mp3
2. Faith On Fire Faith.wma Faith_hi.wma Faith.mp3
3. Supplemental Restraints Supplemental.wma Supple_hi.wma Supplemental.mp3
4. The Crush Crush.wma Crush_hi.wma Crush.mp3
5. Summertime Day Dreams      
6. Precious Time      
7. Drivin' & Cryin'      
8. The Lucky One      
9. Straight The Way      
10. In A Sleepless Night      

Supplemental Restraints Reviews

Featuring the soaring, full, complex song writing styles of bands like "Kansas", Zuka's largely driven guitar driven "Supplemental Restrains" is a listener friendly guitar showcase punctuated by melodic Vocals and hooks. "Shorebound" and "Straight the Way" are the best bets to be hot summer night car radio hits.
Geoff Wilbur - Renegade News Letter, Lansing, MI.

New Jersey's Zuka hearkens back to Rock's glory days. An excellent effort which exhibits their obvious song writing talent in the layers of instruments and melodic vocals weaved through this 11 track CD.
Lisa Teklits - Region Online, Philly, PA

With slick songwriting and sharp, crisp performances, Zuka will take care of your cravings with hard melodic Rock and Roll complete with soaring vocals and crunchin guitars.
Zuka is 4WD Rock!
Cowboy Surfer - Music Dish

Zuka is the Band, "Supplemental Restraints is the title, powerful is the word. There's no denying the talent that swims through this band. This 11 song album is abundant in melody, harmony, crunch and energy. Zuka has a straight forward approach to Rock & Roll, but their unique and sometimes haunting instrumentations give them a flavor that is undeniably theirs alone.

Stand out tracks include "Straight the Way", that oozes with unforgettable hooks, "Shorebound", that sets a definite mood I'm sure most of us can relate to, and the beautiful arranged piano ballad "In a Sleepless Night". Also one of my personal favorites was "The Lucky One". I must ad that the production of this record was impeccable, and that surely lent to the full sound of this band.
Michelle Denholtz - East Coast Rocker, Montclair, NJ